Sort I.T. Out

Managing IT is tricky.

Running a business without the management support functions you get in a large corportation can be bewildering.

Mandy at Purple Mouse helps you manage the IT side of things so you can get on with your work.

"Swift Ecology is a small but very busy company and Mandy has been invaluable to us in putting in the time that we don't have! In particular she has investigated and evaluated new systems, got answers out of helpdesk/IT people by talking to them in their own language (which she then translates for us), setting up the systems and explaining them to us, and patiently and calmly resolving problems. Sorted."

How it Works:

"A safe pair of hands"

"solves all my IT problems for me, quickly and professionally"

"responsive, effective and innovative"

"transparent, honest approach"

"friendly and fun to work with"


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