Here's how it works:

You're the boss. You know what you want to achieve but need a hand. Once we've established the answers to the three questions, we can go ahead and talk about text, colours and images.

Forget page titles and menus for now. Write down what you need to say in any order and then we can sort page titles out later to categorise the important content.

Write what you want to say and then attempt to summarise it. Keep text relevant – unless it answers what your visitor has come for, the the only reader will be your Mum

Now you can start thinking about how it should look. You might already have images and colours you’ve used before or we might be starting from nothing. Either way, spend time on the internet looking at websites for ANY sort of business then decide what you like and what you don’t.

Images need to scale for small and large screens. Lots of detail might be fun on a large screen but not on a mobile phone.

A logo should be minimalist and use just a few colours. The McDonalds M and Internet Explorer E are good examples.

We'll talk often - you'll get feedback on what's likely to work.

Once we have a plan, the next step is a mockup of how it might look.