The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Action you can take now to tackle your GDPR preparation.

Step One will be to work through the ICO checklist for Data Controllers. There are others to move on to but this is a good start.

Don't worry if it seems complex - if you don't understand a question choose option 1 and we can revisit later.

At the end you will have the option to download a summary showing which areas are red, amber or green.

The summary of results will contain suggested actions. If you and your team are confident to implement these, then great - just get stuck in (don't forget to go back to complete the other checklists too). There are some great resources on the ICO website to help you.

If you need help & guidance to work through this report (or just to understand the terminology) and understand what's needed to make it more specific to your particular business needs then this is where we can help.

Purple Mouse specialises in making apparently complex issues more accessible so if it seems overwhelming, don't worry, that's what we do.

Get started on the ICO checklist

It may be that your business processes special categories of data or has complex needs. If this is the case, we may recommend you speak to a risk specialist company such as Risk Evolves

Purple Mouse consultants would also be happy to chat through your needs to help you establish which option is right for you.


Your main resource to work through gaining compliance:

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